Insurance for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes require special policies tailored just for them!

Need more flexibility to insure a customer's manufactured home? Our programs give you the freedom to insure any factory-built home, whether it is a single-wide, double-wide, triple-wide or a 2-story modular. We place no age restriction on the home and we cover rental, seasonal and vacant manufactured homes, too. Coastal now available in Maine!

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Insurance for Dwellings

Offer coverage to customers whose homes don't fit the standard HO-3 because of age, value, use or past claims. Provide customers with a flexible solution that offers essential coverage in almost any circumstance.

A customer's investment may not always qualify for a standard homeowners policy. But you'll be happy to know there's an easy solution. Whether it's a rental property or a seasonal home, our DP-3 program offers comprehensive protection, replacement cost settlement, superior claims service and the kind of comfort and peace of mind customers deserve.

Also, not every home needs, or is eligible for, the full coverage of a homeowners policy. Often referred to as a dwelling or fire insurance policy, the DP-1 program provides the flexibility to offer essential coverage for homes that are any age, any occupancy, fair or better condition, even up to four-family construction. Liability protection and many other coverages can be added as options.

We even write coastal business in Connecticut and Maine!

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Insurance for Yachts

Markel Helmsman Yacht insurance program offers distinct advantages in breadth of risk, coverage features, options, and expertise. For the preferred yacht, feature rich coverage options ensure a well-protected owner. For older or unique watercraft, coverage can be tailored to address these hard-to-place risks.

Coverage available: CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT

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Insurance for Specialty Homeowners

A home may be in great shape, but because it's too far from a fire station, or is an older home, or has a valuation different than the neighborhood average, you may have a challenge finding a solution. Our specialty homeowners program fills the middle ground between basic and comprehensive coverage - protecting not just the structure, but also personal possessions and liability exposure.

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