Home Cyber ProtectionTM Coverage

GMA now writes Individual Cyber Protection as an add on to any of the following Hudson Specialty's Personal Lines Programs:

  • Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL)
  • Farm Personal Liability (FPL)
  • Personal Umbrella (PUP)
  • XS Personal Umbrella (XUM)
  • XS Personal Liability (XPL)

Cyber Exposure Leave Individuals Vulnerable

Computers, tablets, smart phones and other connected technology are a critical and integral part of homeowners’ personal lives. These same systems that make homelife more enjoyable and comfortable also create new opportunities for cyber attackers to infiltrate the home. This access to data can then be used to steal information, extort money and commit fraud.

Individuals and families face many of the same risks corporations face including malware attacks, online fraud and data breaches. Hackers are no longer focused only on large corporate targets and will search for more vulnerable targets such as homeowners.

Citizens are increasingly concerned about these risks. Hardly a day passes without news of a major cybercrime. If a homeowner’s system were hacked, it can create significant expenses and legal requirements, including:

  • Damage from cyber attacks
  • Data that could be held for “ransom”
  • Obligations to notify people whose personal information was stolen
  • Loss from fraud

Homeowners increasingly realize the potential cyber risks facing them, and are looking for better ways to protect themselves from the liability and potential problems created by a cyber attack.

Home Cyber Protection™ Coverage

Home Cyber Protection™ Coverage protects families from losses such as compromised data on personal computers, mobile devices and other connected home technology, as well as damage to software and operating systems. The coverage:

  • Pays to recover data and restore systems that have been lost or damaged due to a cyber attack – including attacks involving malware or unauthorized use of owned or leased computers, mobile devices and connected home devices
  • Provides payments and professional assistance in responding to cyber extortion demands based on a credible threat to damage, disable, deny access to or disseminate content from devices, systems or data
  • Covers online fraud that results in a direct financial loss to the covered policyholder
  • Notifies and pays for services to affected individuals in the event that private personal data entrusted to a household resident is breached

A Unique Coverage

Home Cyber Protection™ goes beyond any personal cyber insurance currently available by combining coverage for:

  • Cyber Attack
  • Home Systems Attack
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Data Breach
  • Online Fraud

This unique offering protects homeowners in the event that their systems are attacked or their data is compromised. This protects and preserves access to their systems and insulates homeowners from potential losses created by cyber attacks.


pdf Hudson Umbrella Application (1.97 MB)

pdf Hudson CPL Application (1.60 MB)

pdf Hudson Farm CPL Application (1.70 MB)

pdf Hudson Excess CPL Application (807 KB)


Home Cyber Protection™ is a trademark of The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company.