GMA has a market for Personal Umbrella Coverage!

Primary Personal Umbrella Policy

Available Limits

  • Admitted Limits - $1,000,000 - $5,000,000
  • Non-Admitted Limits - $1,000,000 - $10,000,000

UM Limits

  • $25,000 (included in base)
  • $1,000,000
  • $2,000,000 (Except in NY - admitted)
  • UM limit cannot exceed liability limit

Identity Theft

  • Unlimited restorative coverage for 12 months and up to $25,000 for out of pocket expenses

Underlying Limits

Auto Liability

  • $500,000/$500,000/$100,000 or $500,000 CSL ((including but not limited to ATV’S, motorcycles, mopeds, snowmobiles, and motorhomes).
  • For an additional premium, a reduced underlying limit of $250,000/$500,000/$100,000 or $300,000/$500,000/$100,000 may be considered subject to underwriting guidelines.
  • Antique autos (25+ years old) and golf carts where liability is extended from the CPL coverage may have underlying limits of $300,000 CSL for additional premium.

Uninsured/Underinsured Liability

  • For $25,000 limit, underlying coverage must be present.
  • For increased UMBI limits, the underlying limit must match the underlying BI liability limit.

Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL) or Homeowners

  • $300,000 CSL

Watercraft (less than or equal to 350 horsepower)

  • $300,000/$500,000/$100,000 OR $300,000 CSL

Watercraft (over 350 horsepower)

  • $500,000/$500,000/$100,000 OR $500,000 CSL

Vacant Land

  • $300,000 CSL

Rental Units

  • $300,000 CSL


  • Policies written in a corporate name. Business pursuits are excluded.
  • Individuals convicted of insurance fraud.
  • Risks without a primary US residence.
  • Primary residences without required minimum underlying CPL coverage limits.
  • Risks where the primary residence is a motorhome

Excluded Risks

  • Aircrafts
  • Locations leased to others that are used for hunting
  • Race Boats
  • Auto liability is excluded when underlying does not meet required minimum.
  • Risks outside the US with underlying carriers domiciled outside the US (with the exception of Lloyds).
  • Drivers with unacceptable driving records can be excluded as vehicle and watercraft operators where allowable by state regulations.
  • Residences with more than four units owned by the insured in a single location.



pdf Hudson Umbrella Application (1.97 MB)