GMA writes business auto insurance!

Coverages: Liability, Physical Damage, UM/UIM, Medical Payments

Limits Available: up to 5,000,000 liability limits

States Written: ME, NH, NY, VT

Carrier Rating Portal: NICO Get-a-Quote

Green Mountain Agency writes business auto on many types of insureds and vehicle types.

  • Children's Transportation
    Examples: School buses, day care vans, Head Start Program autos, scout buses, group home vans/shuttles
  • Company or Executive Vehicles
    Examples: Salespersons’ vehicles, visiting nurses’ autos, owners’ personal vehicles
  • Construction Vehicles
    Examples: Boom trucks, mobile truck cranes, cement pumpers, dump trucks, service trucks, fuel trucks, water trucks
  • Contractors Vehicles
    Examples: Vehicles used by plumbers, roofers, electricians, landscapers, locksmiths, painters
  • Courtesy Transportation Vehicles
    Examples: Courtesy vehicles for car dealers, repair shops, hotels and restaurants
  • Delivery Vehicles
    Examples: Delivery vehicles for flowers, couriers, packages, auto parts, furniture, U.S. mail, pizza, food, other manufactured goods
  • Drive-away Contractor Vehicles
    Examples: Registration plates, transporter tags, named operators
  • Driver Training Vehicles
    Examples: Sedans, trucks, tractor/trailers
  • Farmer Vehicles
    Examples: Pickup trucks, grain trucks, livestock trucks, dump trucks
  • Funeral Homes Vehicles
    Examples: Escort vehicles, limousines, hearses, flower cars
  • Mobile Concession Vehicles
    Examples: Taco trucks, vehicles used by caterers and hot dog vendors
  • Religious Organization Vehicles
    Examples: Church vans, choir buses, Amish transportation shuttles, vehicles used by the pastor
  • Rental Operation Vehicles
    Examples: Commercial vehicles, sedans, SUVs, minivans
  • Security Vehicles
    Examples: Vehicles for bail bondsmen, private investigators, security patrols, home security and prisoner transport


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