GMA writes Marine Contractors!!

GMA writes all types of contractors but did you know that we write Marine Contractors, too?

We are looking for loss-free marine contractors performing:

  • marine construction for residential homeowners
  • residential communities
  • business communities
  • golf courses
  • small marinas
  • small municipalities
  • light-commercial operations

Not loss free? Been cancelled? We are going to need the details and get carrier approval.

Eligible Risk Types

  • Dock Construction
  • Dock Service or Repair
  • Pier Construction
  • Pier Service or Repair
  • Boat House Construction
  • Boat House Service or Repair
  • Seawall/Marine Bulkhead Construction
  • Seawall/Marine Bulkhead Service or Repair
  • Shoreline Revetment
  • Marine Weed and Algae Abatement
  • Shoreline Construction
  • Dredging
  • Marine Pile Driving
  • Diving
  • Marine Appraisers or Surveyors

Coverages Available

  • Liability (any Combination)
    • Commercial General Liability (CGL)
    • Marina Operator's Legal Liability (MOLL)
    • Marina Operator's Protection & Indemnity (P&I)
  • Property (if Liability is also bound)
    • Basic, Broad or Special
    • Building Form
    • Business Personal Property (BPP)
  • Inland Marine (if Liability is also bound)
    • Tools & Equipment
    • Mobile Equipment


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