Need coverage for a Parade? GMA writes coverages for special events on a short-term basis!

Application: pdf ACIC special event application (25 KB)

Carrier Rating Portal: ACIC Retail Rating Portal

States Available: CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, and VT

Minimum Premium: $250.00 plus, where applicable, SLT and policy fees

Limits Available

  • 1,000,000 occurrence
  • 2,000,000 general aggregate
  • 5,000 medical payments
  • 50,000 Fire Legal
  • 250 pd deductible per claim

Products Liability for food ONLY is included. Products coverage is not available for any other exposure.

(different limits and deductibles available)

Premium is 100% fully earned and is not subject to any adjustment in the event of cancellation

Named Insureds

  • Sponsors or promoters of an event, or a concessionaire may be a named insured
  • Government entities cannot be named insureds

Additional Interests

Additional Insureds may be included by attaching the appropriate form. An additional charge of 10% of the per day rate will be charged for each additional insured. The following additional insured endorsements are available:

  • CG2002 - Club Members
  • CG2011 - Managers of Lessors of Premises
  • CG2021 - Volunteer Workers
  • CG2022 - Church Members and Officer and Volunteer Workers

Performers cannot be included as additional insureds!

Specified Vendors or Exhibitors (AGL-042) may be included as additional insureds. This insurance is not intended to be primary coverage. This coverage will be excess of any other primary insurance. An additional charge of 10% of the per day rate will be charged.

Classification Examples:

  • 10054 Archery Ranges NOC (including Tournaments)
  • 10132 Bazaars - operated by the insured - not for profit
  • 11168 Concessionaires (Refreshment Stands)
  • 40061 Athletic Games sponsored by the insured (not-for-profit); (Baseball Tournaments, Marathons (running) and Walkathons, etc.)
  • 40067 Athletic Programs - amateur (not-for-profit) (Softball Programs, etc.)
  • 40075 Bingo Games - in public halls or theaters - commercially operated
  • 41673 Conventions (sponsor's risk only)(not-for-profit)
  • 43422 Exhibitions outside - in stadiums or on premises having grandstands or bleachers - ushers or other attendants in stands not provided by insured (Battle of the Bands, etc.)
  • 46362 Model Homes (Home or Garden shows)
  • 46590 Parades
  • 47254 Rifle or Pistol Ranges - NOC (NRA approved only)(Shooting Competitions, Turkey shoots) No black powder firearms
  • 47318 Rodeos
  • 48441 Soap Box Derbies
  • 48558 Social Gatherings and Meetings - on premises not owned or operated by the insured (not-for-profit)(Concerts, Dances, Hay rides, Meetings, Seminars, Music Festivals, Music Competitions, Picnics, Religious Meetings)
  • 49890 Youth Recreation Program (for-profit)(Sports Camps)
  • 63217 Exhibitions - in Buildings (for-profit)(Beauty Pageants, Clothes Shows, Product Displays)
  • 63218 Exhibitions - in Buildings (not-for-profit)(Dog/Cat Shows, Pet Shows, Political Displays)
  • 63220 Exhibitions - in Buildings no admission charge (not-for-property)(Trade Shows)
  • 91179 Auctions - on premises owned or rented by the insured

Risks Requiring Carrier Approval:

  • Events requiring Annual Policies
  • Any single event of 7500 or more persons per day
  • Security or Crowd Control furnished by the Insured
  • Policy Terms greater than 7 days



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