Welcome to GMA's Website

GMA is a wholesale insurance agency providing specialty insurance products for distribution through qualified retail insurance agencies. We write, with the Insurance Carriers we represent, both commercial and personal lines insurance products for customers the retail insurance agent does not have a market for.

GMA does not write insurance direct to the insured.  



Five Simple Sections!

  • The Homepage is the front-end of the site. This is where you will access the various sections and logon to the site.
  • The Application Section is where you will find the applications, application supplements, TRIA forms and other required documents.
  • The Commercial Lines Section is where you will find news about our commercial lines specialty insurance products.
  • The Personal Lines Section is where you will find information about our personal lines specialty insurance products.
  • The Online Center is where you access the GMA messaging system, carrier rating portals and your user profile information.

All sections of the site are set to public, except for the Online Center. The Online Center requires registration to see all available services.

We recommend all agency employees register so you each may access the Online Center and receive timely newsletters about our products.




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