Retail Insurance Agencies!

GMA does business with retail agents only. GMA does not do business direct to the insured!



Retail Agent must have an office located in any one, or more, of the following states:

  • CT
  • MA - Personal Lines or Admitted Business only
  • ME
  • NH
  • NJ
  • NY
  • PA
  • VT

We don't mind non-traditional offices like in-home or in-shed offices, website agencies or kiosks. You must, however, have an office or location that is open to the public and is clearly marked with signage indicating the location of the agency. A picture of the agency location is helpful for determining if it is acceptable.

We will not approve an agency that is using another agency's address. Only one agency per address or location!


Errors and Omissions Coverage

The retail agency is required to carry errors and omissions coverage and provide evidence of coverage upon request.

  • $1,000,000 minimum limit
  • No minimum deductible requirement
  • No additional insured requirement


The retail agency, when dealing with GMA, acts as a broker and represents the insured. The retail agency is not an Agent of GMA and is not appointed or given any authority. In some states, like NY, you are required to hold a special broker's license. A copy of your agency license is required. You must also be licensed in the state where the insured resides if the insured is not in your home state.


An Insurance Agency is held to strict fiduciary rules regarding the handling of premiums. Because we are dealing with premium accounts we might need to determine if you are in-trust, prior to doing business with you. Financials may be required for new Agency contracts depending on the circumstances.


The retail agency must have an agreement to do business with GMA. GMA is looking for a long-term business relationship with the intention of growing. GMA does not do one-shot business deals. This agreement establishes an account current and the conditions under which you may do business with GMA.

pdf GMA Brokerage Agreement 2017b (546 KB)

Other Required Documents

pdf GMA Producer Questionnaire 2017 (387 KB)

pdf IRS Form W9 2018 (129 KB)

Commission and Commission Incentive Plans


GMA pays 10% commission for most of our products, both new and renewal. Exceptions to this would be some brokerage programs and personal lines programs. Some personal lines programs might also have the renewal commision lower than the new business commission.

Any submissions that requires an exception commission will be clearly indicated on the written quote provided.

Commission Incentive

With a minimum premium production of $5000.00 and an agreed upon committment to growth GMA can provide a contract amendment that allows up to 12% on new business. Under this incentive program, renewals would revert to 10% automatically!

pdf Sample Incentive Contract (578 KB)


We send monthly newsletters, by email, to our customers. Good communications are paramount to keep you informed and up-to-date. For that, we ask that you provide a complete list of your employees and their email addresses so we can get them set up to use our secured portion of the website and to receive our newsletters!


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This website is for the insurance professional only. It is provided for the convenience of the insurance agent, broker, CSR and other insurance agency employees.

If you are an individual or business looking to purchase insurance you must contact your local retail agent for additional product information.